yungrobgoingcrazy – Pass GO$$

yungrobgoincrazy is about to have the spring and summer functions on point with his new single and video, PASS GO$$. The track is a feel-good anthem for all the hustlers and go-getters, so it’s only fitting that yungrob is leading the way. The Bay Area rep is a quick-rising force in the music and cannabis industries, blazing a trail for future entrepreneurs and fellow artists with his skills and charisma. They’re on full display in the PASS GO$$ video, with yungrob enjoying the perks of his hard work over gorgeous California landscapes and plenty of great times. That ambitious mentality drove the creation of PASS GO$$ and his new premium indoor cannabis flower brand, “Paper Bag$.” Equipped with fresh visuals and new products on the way for the airwaves and your smoke sessions, yungrob wants to have his fans going crazy too.

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