Unorthadox Phantom – The Trans Allegheny Lunatic

“My name is Unorthadox Phantom. I just dropped a song from my album in stores, as a motion to get some hype for the album. I was hoping you could help me get some more momentum. I’m constantly working on my craft, getting better and growing every day as a lyricist. I started in 2017 and the same year performed at a few events. I dropped two mixtapes that I recorded and produced myself, but I was not happy with my production quality. I knew I needed more to be able to grow. So I paid for studio time in a commercial studio, and I’m more than satisfied with the results. The song “The Trans Allegheny Lunatic”, named after a closed down insane asylum, is a song that I wrote about how even though we are constantly doing things to move forward, we rarely see any progress in actual life, driving us crazy. “The Diary Of A Phantom” album itself is about escaping the struggle that you are placed in, from growing up in a broken family and living in lower class. Everyone has prospects and goals to change the future, we just have to put in the work to see change. As minimal as the change is, it is always worth it, because in the end you did not remain stationary. I express my feelings, experiences and problems through song, hoping I can make people understand they are not alone. Thank you for your time” – Unorthadox Phantom

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