TwoTooWavy – Say I Won’t

Born and raised in Queens, NY, home of hip hop, comes emerging artist TwoTooWavy. Raised by a father who is a singer and songwriter, TwoTooWavy, who formally is known as Tyree Morrison, is following in the family’s footsteps. Coming from Queens with experience in the mid 90’s it is evident the musical and cultural influences had an impact on the pursuit of music alongside family history. Set to release October 29th, TwoTooWavy is dropping his newest single “Say I Won’t.”

Although the Queens native has been launching music since 2018, this particular single is a shift in regards to his creativity. Sonically meant to appear as if you are in the room with him, the beat is not only catchy but angelic to vibe with. “Say I Won’t” is the dawn of the rebirth of TwoTooWavy and with the genetics of music not just in the family genes but in Queens DNA, the expectations are high but met. The single will be released on all streaming platforms as well as visuals set to release the same day.

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