Terrance – Up North [Music Video]

Hip hop artist Terrance releases new music video “Up North.” This video catches a fall season in NJ/NY type of vibe. It walks you from dusk to night, while embodying a connection made with someone special, as you dance and party through the night. The Black Eagle Beats-produced song can be found on Terrance’s new album, “TUNE in,” which is available on all platforms.

Terrance is the name. Born and raised on the Jersey shore, Neptune NJ, Terrance’s love for music coincided with his love for basketball. What started as just random, fun car freestyles with the boys growing up, turned into a serious craft once some of his college classmates saw him perform at a poetry slam on campus.

“The schemes and wordplay is just different” said Al Carter, Terrance’s college basketball teammate. Al was a good singer and they linked up and made a few songs that vibrated through campus.

From that point on, Terrance took the craft seriously. While playing pro basketball overseas in countries like Italy, Sweden and Ireland to name a few, Terrance would come back stateside and work on projects every summer. Since then, a slow but sure buzz has been building up. His voice tone wordplay and rhyme patterns seem to catch people’s attention, while at the same time, sounding original.

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