sOuL from the O feat. Durand Bernarr – Own It All

Introducing “Own It All” – a captivating Hip-Hop anthem, by sOuL from the O, that urges you to embrace your inner power and seize the realities of your dreams. As the Headnodic beat reverberates, an enchanting organ echoes the emotions pulsating in the inspiring tale that sOuL from the O takes us on: a young woman, tired of her monotonous life spent on the couch, mindlessly scrolling through social media, dreaming of a million likes. But she knows there’s more to life, and she’s ready to seize it.
Meanwhile, across town, a young man fights to escape the clutches of the streets, determined to be the father his child deserves and earn back the trust of his community. With the powerhouse vocals of Durand Bernarr (who has collaborated alongside the likes of Erykah Badu, Anderson Paak and Kaytranada) breathing magic into the chorus with the very essence of dreams and aspirations, helps illuminate the path towards greatness. Available on all streaming platforms on June 23rd 2023, “Own It All” is the force of inspiration you’ve been waiting for. Rise, conquer, and own it all – listen today!

Check out the song above.

About sOuL from the O
Nobody gave sOuL from the O permission to make his brand of Hip-Hop, and he likes it this way. Sometimes eclectic, sometimes fierce, pounding on the doors of the establishment, he has been on a collision course for expanding the boundaries of Hip-Hop music for some time now. Releasing his first album in the early 2000’s, followed by a string of singles, vinyl pressings, EPs and live performances (opening up for the likes of Yasiin Bey being a highlight!) Sometimes performing with his co-collaborator Woodstock on the MPC sampler & other times incorporating live instruments, sOuL from the O is currently on a mission to connect with Hip-Hop heads world wide!

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