sOuL from the O feat. Durand Bernarr – Own It All

Welcome to the vibrant universe of “Own It All” – an animated music video that brings sOuL from the O’s hip-hop anthem of determination and transformation to life. As the video unfolds in hues of purple, a motorcyclist symbolizes the power of change, while our main characters face pivotal moments of self-realization. Witness a young woman breaking free from her couch-bound existence by deleting the contact of a past date, as she discovers her thirst for a more fulfilling life. Simultaneously, a young man passionately seeks redemption, offering amends to a store owner for his past street life. These transformative choices set the stage for a world where our dreams beckon us to take action, and by believing in ourselves, a new reality emerges. The video reaches its pinnacle with a montage of inspiring “before and after” shots, reinforcing the uplifting message sung by Durand Bernarr in the chorus: we have the power to own it all, and doubt has no place in our journey of triumph and self-belief.

The genesis of this animated endeavor arose from the very essence of the song itself. Confronted with the challenge of not having physical actors available, sOuL from the O unleashed his imagination, envisioning an animated portrayal of his characters. The result was a vivid collaboration with illustrator Reuben Barasa, whose artwork resonated deeply with sOuL from the O. Over the course of 18 months, the two artists joined forces remotely, transforming their shared vision into an awe-inspiring reality. The “Own It All” video serves as a testament to the irony and magic inherent in the song—a call to embrace our inner power and pursue our dreams, precisely what sOuL from the O had to embody to bring these visuals to fruition. Experience “Own It All” today on YouTube and be transported to a world where
the power to create, to conquer, and to achieve is already within your grasp!

Check out the video above and stream the song below.

About sOuL from the O:
Nobody gave sOuL from the O permission to make his brand of Hip-Hop, and he likes it this way. Sometimes eclectic, sometimes fierce, pounding on the doors of the establishment, he has been on a collision course for expanding the boundaries of Hip-Hop music for some time now. Releasing his first album in the early 2000’s, followed by a string of singles, vinyl pressings, EPs and live performances (opening up for the likes of Yasiin Bey being a highlight!) Sometimes performing with his co-collaborator Woodstock on the MPC sampler & other times incorporating live instruments, sOuL from the O is currently on a mission to connect with Hip-Hop heads world wide!

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