Skrilla49 – What You Do It For

In his soulful new video for “What I Do It For,” Skrilla49 reflects and rhymes in the middle of the Las Vegas desert, remembering the bonds of family and the passion that keeps him going as these images are layered over the desolate and beautiful backdrop.

Well I do this for my daughters and I do this for my son/ I do this for my niggas feelin stuck up in them slums/I do this for that girl that fell victim to this game/ baby hold on, you gon’ shine after it rain…

Rosecrans Avenue in Compton has been dubbed “Westcoast rap’s most famous avenue” and for good reason. But the rap legacy that Skrilla descends from is not the entirety of who he is. His wide range of releases in the last year, from hard-edged hood anthems to the vulnerability of “What I Do It For,” prove that Skrilla49 is an artist who can’t be boxed in by any one definition.

“What I Do It For’ derives from a place of solitude, at a time where I felt alone and wanted to give up. I had to remind myself what and who I do it for. The motivation of knowing it’s bigger than just me is the fuel for this hit song. It reminds you that you have to go hard for the people in your life that depend on you,” explains the multi-talented rapper. In addition to soul-searching and turning his epiphanies into musical expression, Skrilla49 is also a trained boxer who competes in matches when he’s not on tour.

But even with a life that sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, Skrilla is far from content. His grind musically is taking him to new heights of success this year, and his desire to grow is showing us a new depth to his artistry as well. Watch the official video for “What I Do It For” above.

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