NLE Choppa – Stompin

“NLE Choppa feels like a new man and is ready to vanquish all of his demons with the arrival of his latest project, Me vs. Me” – COMPLEX

“NLE Choppa’s ‘Me vs. Me’ Album Raised The Bar” – VIBE

NLE Choppa raps with a confidence, maturity, and magnetism few his age can match. The 19-year-old Memphis superstar came up making street-ready hip-hop full of grit, but his recent hits—and forthcoming Me Vs. Me project—showcase new depth and perspective. To be sure, Choppa still raps his ass off, churning out ecstatic, radio-ready hits. But he also turns inward, reflecting on his devotion to healthy living and numerology, and sharing more of himself than he ever has. Choppa grew up in the roughest parts of Memphis, an upbringing that’s loomed in his head even as he began racking up successes—including Platinum single “Shotta Flow” and his Top 10 debut album, Top Shotta. His songs about overcoming struggles and celebrating wins have won support from Billboard, The New York Times, Forbes, GQ, and Complex. And he’s secured support across the rest of the industry too, garnering over 5 billion global streams, thirteen RIAA-certified plaques, a spot on the 2020 XXL Freshman list, and a nomination for the 2020 BET Hip-Hop Awards’ Best New Artist. Never one to rest on his laurels, he’s continued to drop music at an enviable pace, dipping and diving between modes, unleashing raps that are intimidating, inspiring, and hysterical in turn. As one of the most flexible young rappers working, NLE Choppa already has the discography and accolades others dream of, but he’s still only just beginning to share his full vision with the world. With Me Vs. Me, he’ll introduce us to all of himself.

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