Mr. Forge – Portals

From the moment you start listening to the intro to the new Portals album by Mr. Forge, you quickly understand that this is not just another album, this is an experience, a full aural immersion taking you on journey through different dimensions of this auditory movie-like world that has been created.

From love to pain, joy to sorrow, losing yourself only to be found again, each track on Portals represents a different dimension and brings you straight into the heart and mind of Mr. Forge. Produced entirely by Southern California’s very own Ariano, Portals mixes breakbeats with live instruments, moving effortless between underground hip hop vibes and pop melodies, creating a canvas for Mr. Forge to lay down verses in his signature philosophical style.

Songs like “Letting Go” and “We Love You” are raw stories about painful moments which weave in and out of this album. Mr. Forge is not only elevating his sound on tracks like this but serving up an unfiltered honesty with the rasp of every vocal delivered, making you feel the turmoil of the moment.

Then there are songs like “Paper Cuts” and “Rings,” which talk of a love gone wrong and the longing to find something to fill the void. Mr. Forge delivers his verses with a controlled ferocity, the lyrics heavy and introspective.

While on its surface, Portals lends itself to being a dark and moody album channeling all trials and tribulations of a life lived, there are moments of levity and optimism sewn into the fabric of the album. “Dreams” delivers a distinct upbeat reggae-esque vibe, while “Oasis” finds peace in the music, and “Solar Motivation” drops hopeful introspection on the listener.

Every track is tied to the next by a carefully laid interlude, a door into the next portal. Portals is truly a reflection of real life lived in progressive hip-hop.

Strap yourself in, because this is a journey. Welcome to Portals by Mr. Forge.

Check out the album above.

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