Lil-C Super Ceezy – Slangin Iron

Born in the swamps of Shreveport, LA and raised in the jungle of Dallas, TX, with a quirky but trippy lingo that goes along with the interest of outer space and all other fly things, Lil-C Super Ceezy creates what he likes to call “WavezzZ.” Combining the street experiences, life trips and his love for music, he has brought many different styles to his catalog which reaches back to 2008. As Lil-C has evolved, he has dropped projects such as “Stupid Swag,” “Invite Only,” “RSVP,” “F.T.F.O.I. (For The Fuck Of It),” “Private Party” and his newest singles “UltraViolet” and “Slangin Iron.” As wavezzZ roll in so will more of the vibezzZ. Stay tuned for more. IBUM.

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