Koan Kenpachi feat. Mr.Smoker – Put it In the Air [Music Video]

Renowned emcee Koan Kenpachi is once again making waves with the release of his highly anticipated video for “Put it in the Air,” a standout track from his latest LP Supremium. The body of work has garnered acclaim for its innovative sound, authentic storytelling, and seamless blend of various musical influences that has already garnered significant attention from fans and critics alike.

“Put it in the Air” captures the essence of good times, positive vibes, and carefree celebrations. Its infectious beat, mesmerizing melody, and catchy lyrics gives you feelings of euphoria that’s only matched by the best of times.

The track was created by frequent collaborator, Sean Carey and features SMOKETEAM affiliate, Derrick “Mr. Smoker” Freeman. The collaboration with Mr. Smoker adds an extra layer of depth to “Put it in the Air,” as the two artists seamlessly blend their talents to deliver a synergistic and captivating performance that delves into the diverse ways individuals can enjoy marijuana.

The accompanying music video produced by Daily Bread Productions, takes you on a visual journey, immersing you in a world of vibrant colors, and vivid imagery that seamlessly brings the song’s lyrics to life, creating an immersive and mesmerizing experience for viewers.

Koan Kenpachi shares, “I wanted to create something that brings people together, something that can become the soundtrack to your most unforgettable moments. “Put it in the Air” is all about embracing the joy of the present and letting go of worries.”

So whether you are smoking under neon lights, kicking back with friends after Sunday brunch, or just looking to add a spark to your day, “Put it in the Air” is the ultimate sonic and visual indulgence that is both an anthem for cannabis aficionados and celebration of good times.

About Koan Kenpachi:
Born and raised in the city that is unique as its artist, Koan Kenpachi is definitely one to add to the list.
The New Orleans veteran hip hop artist has been on the scene creating memorable projects over the years. The hip hop performer and producer continues to prove he cannot be put into a box, because he just doesn’t fit.

Reminiscent of the 90’s style hip hop with his lyrical wordplay and innate ability to tell vivid stories. His music ranges from social continuous, to very personal feelings about the world around him, to his favorite style, battle raps.

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