Karlos Rossi feat. Str8 Caine – We Put On

Song called “we put on” by karlos rossi featuring str8 caine from Toledo, ohio. Video intales two artists who are in engaged in a battle of words on the song but they come off in the video as if they have a mobb like disagreement in a bar setting. Rossi is the boss an str8 caine an rossi are meeting to discuss their differences. They talk with each other at the bar over drinks an the conversation get a bit heated. They seem to settle their differences an have a toast with each other in the end. They team up an agree to to put their differences behind them. The video is starring karlos rossi, str8 caine, with cameos from nate Mcalister, tyree Murphy, jamarr riven, mike garnett, William Triplett, darrick davis, anthony henderson, mr wilson, an black. Video was shot by b visions at thelmas place on stickney ave in toledo, ohio. We put on is a single from the upcoming album “the dream” set to be released on black diamond mafia records by way of eric b music group. Please enjoy

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