Kam Krzy – Tower Moment

Due to an extraordinary style and provocative lyrics, Kam Krzy embodied and embraced his fitting nickname, Kam Krzy better known by his acronym letters that stand for, Keep Rising Zenith Year. He is back! This brilliant businessman, entrepreneur, artist, and record label executive CEO has been preparing for years for this big bang with his music. He is a pioneer for alternative Hip Hop to make feel-good music that will inspire legends as well. Stardom is now here for him as he creates a diversified genre of music for all cultures to enjoy. A native of Oakland California, recording artist Kam Krzy began what has become and continues to be an awesome journey in 2017. He is on the rise with his new single “Tower Moment.” His new style of alternative Hip Hop brings a new flare of truth. His lyrics are unapologetic, slamming the truth about dealing with the decisions we make in life. For every decision, there’s a consequence that may lead to change. His lyrics of wisdom explain his expression of thought through his new song. In his songs of expression, he is teaching how we should accept and embrace change in our life.

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