John Robinson & Figub Brazlevic – Life Away

“Life Away” is the second single from the album “Live Life and Tell Stories” by John Robinson & Figub Brazlevic and is a compelling story that touches on the potential consequences of infidelity, crime, and other dark secrets that may come to light through surveillance technology.

The track centers around an apology to a partner for cheating while on tour, and the regret and remorse that come with such actions. Through poignant lyrics and smooth, jazzy beats, John Robinson masterfully weaves a tale that is both relatable and thought-provoking.

The theme of the song is particularly relevant in our modern world, where cameras and other innovative technologies are increasingly present in our daily lives. “Life Away” serves as a cautionary tale, reminding listeners of the potential consequences of actions taken in secret. I refuse to throw my LIFE AWAY!!

Check out the video above.

Emcee, Educator, Author
A Creative Entrepreneur at the intersection of Music, Culture, Education & Technology.

The South Bronx-born, Far Rock Queens & Central NJ raised MC John Robinson has built a career in music as both an artist and entrepreneur. J.R. Debuted w/ his crew Scienz Of Life in 1997 on Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle’em Records and since has released more than 25 albums (group, solo, and countless collaborations worldwide). J.R. has worked and or performed with MF DOOM (R.I.P.), Aloe Blacc, Madlib, Flying Lotus, Talib Kweli, BLU, The Lyricist Lounge, and many others. Robinson’s extensive catalog still resonates worldwide, creating growth opportunities in the sync licensing industry and placing his music on Television, Video Games, and other visual media platforms.

As an Educator Robinson is rooted in Hip-Hop Based Education and Youth Culture Pedagogy which led to him co-authoring his Youth Culture Power & How can I move the crowd? books with his partner Dr. Jason Rawls. The book is a #HipHopEd Guide to building teacher-student relationships and increasing student engagement. John Robinson is also a founding member of CodeScty a company that uses Music, Videos, Activities, Pop Culture, and more to teach underserved communities computer science concepts and how technology works. Let’s Build!

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