Brooklyn NY music producer Jedstarrr presents his first compilation project entitled “RETURN OF THE JEDI: GENESIS”.

16 different featured artists with various style of sonics and blends. The concept of this project sonically focuses on a “film score esq” soundtrack to paint a visual portrait for the listener while listening to the records. Subject matters being divided into two parts is intentional with the interlude track as the only non artist track on the project.
The first four records fall under part 1 which is unofficially called “WAR”. This is to open up on topics around mental health and internal spiritual struggles.
Part 2 is unofficially entitled “RESILIENCE” to focus on upliftment and the opportunity for restoration within one self.

Altogether this project is deemed to take the listener on a ride with the goal to reckon with their own internal challenges with hopes to overcome and be filled with the spirit of revival.

Check out the album above.

About Jedstarrr:
Jedidiah (a.k.a. Jedstarrr) is a music producer from Brooklyn New York who has been producing music for the last decade. With his unique style of experimental beats and film score influences sounds, his skill set wasn’t built overnight. His influences stem from the likes of legendary producers like Kanye West, Timbaland, J Dilla, & Pharrell. When listening to his music, you can hear the effort to create a “timeless record” rather than “today’s hit”. The goal for JedStarrr now as he continues to release music is to energize his fan base to stay empowered through their art. His subject matter typically wraps around dense topics like today’s political & social economy in America, Religion, Faith, and guidance. He started off as a drummer at the age of 14 and now in his mid 20s he’s on course to being one of Hip Hop’s most intriguing producer/artist.

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