JClay – I Am

You know who you are. You know what you can bring. So don’t be intimidated by what’s to come! JClay marches through uncertainty in his powerful new song ‘I Am’. Producer Joey Kalib delivers a triumphant beat that will have you pushing forward to unlock the best version of yourself. Artist JClay soars delivering a heavy set of bars that don’t just bring the energy but create it. His heart is ablaze, and he’s ripping it out of his chest for all to see on this single, showing his strength and fearlessness. He knows what he is, and he wants to tell the world. More importantly, however, he wants you to know who you are, and do the same. Sometimes feelings of self-doubt, and a dislike for aspects of oneself can creep in. Not here. Love every part of yourself, and use every part of yourself, and you will be able to accomplish your goals and conquer them. Stomp your feet and let the energy of this song ignite you. It’s an excellent turn-up track for the party and the soul!

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