GF Anon – BluMan

Innovative New Jersey artist GF Anon returns with his highly anticipated release “BluMan.”

The album features J Nolan, with production from Brainorchestra, August Fanon, Cee Gee, King JVY B and more.

“BluMan” in GF Anon’s words:
“This album is about rehabilitation and the art of knowing self. Taking off the chains of mental bondage in order to become the best version of yourself.”

Check out the project above.

About GF Anon:
In a world of Hip-Hop oversaturated with trap beats and club bangers, it is a breath of fresh ocean air when we find a gem hidden amongst the rubble; a sound we may have forgotten existed in Hip-Hop. Enter GF Anon from Camden, New Jersey, who proves his full understanding of the genre’s roots.
With this foundation, Anon’s music is also described as experimental and unorthodox, heavily influenced by the trials and tribulations of his life. His delivery is laid back, soulful, and therefore powerful.

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