GEN4 – Want It

GEN4’s latest singles gives you the new world feel with a punch of soul! Take a deep dive with us as the Passion for Affection consumes you in the East! Aye Fuck it lil baby I want it Lemme break yo spine one mo time oh yea GIMME Hell ain seem that bad from outside but it’s really Fucked up in my mind I see flames but I want Titties Mama stop yo crine ima change in a minute Dat hoe tryna do me SNAKE I peeped that shi right away Make sho that my brudda straight But i like all my bitches gay Shorty know she swing this way Cut off yo boy fish filet Chanel on lil mama waist Cocaine ones everyday Not the same ones, got dat gold plate Ice all In my mouth I jus want it right now I can’t decide now What pain to write down Cyclone in my house Death bird fly out Niggas be Trippin but regardless I fucked his lil baby already know what it is Yea he do look like a hood artist but I appeared at his show and that boy went and hid I’m finna bust at a new target but fuck a circle I’m sendin them shits at ya lid Ion give a fuck don’t be retarded judging a young nigga offa the shit Ian did I need whatever whenever They say that love is forever But is it true as the cheddar I get so lost in these letters You know you needed a nigga Who goes through shi and forget it 444 it’s even newer Oh let go jus be influenced Stupid bitch jus read into it Even if I didn’t do it Everything outta spite yea Everything outta spite Babygirl do what you like yea please make sho you right Boy what you doin biike there cuzzo clutchin that light 4za on the rise yea East under his eye People ain gon do right yea And ion een really wanna fight Listen i know you might care but what bout that night I ain’t had a nightmare since that time I died I don’t wanna burn there 4zadon go Ice Yea!

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