Chelly Flame – Bandz


You are now watching the official “Bandz” video available worldwide via Babygrande Records. Video directed by Jack Rottier for HONEST Productions. Track produced by GeoGotBands.

Chelly Flame is heating up again with her latest single “Bandz.” She drops the video for the single on the heels of the track’s success. It’s one of the best performing tracks of her nascent career and the video takes the track to new heights. Jack Rottier, who is most known for his work with Yeat on the videos for “Gët Busy,” “Mad Bout That,” and “Money Twërk”, showcases Chelly in striking looks as she oversees illicit activities in a desert estate. The video uses drone shots and fast-paced cuts to capture Chelly Flame’s glamorous looks and fiery flows.

Throughout the video, Chelly captivates viewers with her energy and charisma. Following the initial hook, she hits one of the smoothest transitions as she flows into her first verse. Chelly’s experimenting with a new style here, using production with big synths and 808s that few, if any, female rappers have touched. However, it sounds natural to her, as she effortlessly maneuvers her way through the beat.

Chelly puts forth an image that mirrors her ability on the mic – she always appears composed and charismatic. What’s more, she can compete with any rapper in today’s game: her wordplay is nothing short of excellent and she packages each bar with a confident delivery. “Bandz” serves as even more evidence of these qualities. It’s not often that a new artist emerges with such versatility, sound, and style, but Chelly Flame has done exactly that and showcases this in the music video for “Bandz.”

Directed & Edited by: Jack Rottier
Production Company: HONEST Productions
DP: Jake Johnston
Lighting: Cedric Letsch
Drone Videography: Kai Goh
Still Photography: Stephen Dransfield
Make Up Artist: Destiny Hash

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