Captains Of The Imagination – Never Felt So Alone

Responding to feelings of social isolation and the double-edged sword of digital connectivity, “Never Felt So Alone” is the third single from Captains Of The Imagination’s full EP Fingerprint available on all streaming platforms now!

Straight outta Geneva, Switzerland, this trio combines rapping, singing, and musicianship with both distinctive lyrical content and their own vibe.

Taking a step in the direction of combating taboos around mental health, vocalists Imagine, Dr Koul and Evita Koné lead by example by sharing their angst instead of bottling it up. French beatmaker Josra constructs a sonic atmosphere built around vibrating basslines and strident synthesizers, backed by British violinist Julian Azkoul’s urgent bow strokes.

Musically, the song goes beyond its subject matter, as “Never Felt So Alone” is as catchy and danceable as its music video is stylish and entertaining.

Fingerprint is Captains Of The Imagination’s 6th studio album, an EP produced entirely by Josra and Bdance, beatmakers for the French label Sorry I’m Late. Imagine, Evita Koné and Dr Koul immerse themselves fully in this new esthetic without betraying their group’s identity: introspective lyrics, dynamic flows, soulful melodies, guest musicians and orchestral arrangements. The project is versatile and mature, full of catchy hooks and punchy beats, and always containing deeper messages under the surface.

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