Burns & Codak – Nobody Cares

Imagine standing on the precipice of a changing of the guards, and who said you can’t find your voice later in life? Insert Burns & Codak…

Mr. Burns or Earl Hazard for some Originally from Tallulah, Louisiana but raised in Tulsa Oklahoma is an MC of vicious talent. Studied in the words and methodology of Hip Hops pioneers and “Golden Era” but manifested with the wit and fire of an enigma carving his own lane.
Burns is a fixture of the Tulsa, OK Hip Hop scene mentoring and inspiring others in his local community to pursue their dreams in Hip hop. As well as working to bring light to the legacy of Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921.

Codak a veteran graffiti writer and tattooer. Born in Stillwater, OK, raised in Portland, OR, and now residing in Chicago, IL. He comes to beat production with almost 35yrs experience in the world of visual arts. Only recently did his beat making skills surface. Quietly tinkering for years beneath surface until a global pandemic inspired him to pursue music more seriously. Having always been a fan of music and its reaction to visual art. This path has brought him full circle with his life as a creative.

Burns & Codak Met in Tulsa, when Codak moved from Los Angeles to Tulsa to participate in an artist residency program. They bonded over their love of music and that has manifested itself in their first project together the “Nobody Cares” Ep. A 6 Track Ep Letting the world know they’ve arrived.
Featuring Pugs Atomz (Chicago) and Myka 9 (Los Angeles). The project title is letting the world know burns & Codak aren’t concerned with flashy tunes, fancy cars, or a money driven
industry. Just making good songs, showing love and continuing to contribute positively to underground culture. All the while maintaining s solid grounding in the sonics laid down by the pioneers simultaneously pushing for the future.

Moving forward they will be known as BURNRFØN and will be releasing their Self-Titled full length album this fall.

Stream the EP above.

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