Born I – New Avatars

Born I’s “New Avatars” is a visual initiation into the world of YAE (You Are Enough).

The video features Born I in a ritual of fire, blessed by the spirits to begin his journey into the Spirit World.

Shot and edited by Jeff Ray and directed by Roy Lesh, “New Avatars” features the elaborate mask art of Dan Schaub and the evocative choreography of Adriana Milan.

“New Avatars” is the fourth visual from Born I’s album “In This Moment” and will be connected to his visual album in late 2022.

Check out the video above.

About Born I:
“You Are Enough” – This is the mantra of Ghanaian-American rapper and vocalist Born I. Hailing from the Washington DC area, Born I is known as a lyricist who can move seamlessly through genres, while maintaining his potent lyrical ability and positivity.
His influences include Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye West.

In 2020 Born I released and EDM/hip hop album “11:11”. He followed this with his solo hip hop album “In This Moment” in 2021. A visual album for “In This Moment” is currently in production.

Born I is also an experienced meditation practitioner and teacher. He is the male voice on the popular meditation app Balance, and he has led mindfulness retreats across the country, using his music as a method of teaching. He sees himself as a “mindful artist” and describes his music as “Trap Music for Meditators.”

In 2021 Born I launched his label YAE (You Are Enough).

“I want to create music and experiences for people to understand that its ok to be who you are. You are enough.” – Born I

“Born I gives us a shot of inspiration right when we all could use it.”- Lion’s Roar Magazine

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