Ariano – Whispers

SoCal veteran Ariano has never been satisfied with maintaining the status quo as an artist. He has always sought to challenge himself and take risks to elevate his art in compelling ways. Such is the case with “Whispers,” his forthcoming Whispers EP.

“Whispers” is Ariano like we have never before heard him. A departure from the musical intensity of the last three years, the track is both provocative and seductive, with a soulful sound that channels the lust and longing Ariano is feeling for a distant lover.

After years of making music as a solo artist, “Whispers” is an enthralling collaboration between Ariano’s immersive production and effortless lyricism and the live stylings of Austin’s premier musicians including Kind Keith on keys, Tanner Hoyt on guitar, Clunis on bass and Zach Kursman on drums. The resulting track is nothing short of magic, with an unmistakable passion and energy present in every note.

With a song this big, Ariano made the creative choice to release multiple versions of “Whispers” so that listeners can truly appreciate the talent and artistry unfolding.

The main studio version, an instrumental version, a live version with the full band and a demo version with only Ariano and Kind Keith on keys are all slated to drop. His long-time musical partner LDontheCut mixed and mastered the track, delivering a flawless rendition.

Accompanying the track are an arsenal of visuals that give fans an intimate look into the creative process of these premier musicians at work.

The immensely talented Ill Alien of New Mexico shot, directed and edited videos for both the full live performance and the demo versions of “Whispers,” while Sage X Price lends his editing skills to the visual shorts.

Arguably the most intoxicating music Ariano has released to date, “Whispers” is a testament to his innate talent and ability to create a body of work that connects with listeners on profound levels and proof that he is only now hitting his prime.

It’s the first of many songs he’ll be dropping with live performances as he invites fans to experience this newest evolution of his musical journey.

Check out the EP:

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