6merta – All I Know

6merta Drops New Single “All I Know,” A Soulful and Honest Look at the Challenges He’s Faced The single marks 6merta’s reemergence into the music scene after heartbreaking loss and sets expectations for what fans can expect to hear from him in the future COMPTON, Calif.

(December 12, 2021)—Loss has a way of closing people off from the world around them as they grapple with its devastating effects. Hip-hop artist 6merta is no stranger to this type of loss. And in his latest single, “All I Know,” 6merta reemerges into the public eye with a new song that explains to the world why he’s been quiet. “All I Know” pays homage to 6merta’s daughter and her mother and offers an explanation of his absence from the industry. His daughter’s mother died unexpectedly in May 2021, leaving 6merta behind to deal with the emotional fallout and be the sole provider and comforter for his young daughter. He also laments hip-hop’s backhanded culture where other artists don’t see the hard work and pressure someone may be under and instead offer up criticism behind their back while publicly singing another tune to try to latch onto their success. 6merta’s latest single is produced by Ayo Bleu and Turnmeupjosh. Turnmeupjosh is a notable figure in the industry, producing major hits such as “The Voice” by Lil Durk. He has earned multi-platinum status through working with Lil Durk, Lil Baby, and many more. The passion and soulful honesty expressed in “All I Know” is reflective of what’s to come from 6merta in his music, including his upcoming release “Strong.” The project features Cyndi Lauper and David Thorton’s son Dex Lauper on the single “Blue Lights,” in addition Derez Deshon, an Atlanta musical icon responsible for the hit songs “Hardaway” and “Fed Up.”

“All I Know” can be found on all major streaming platforms.

To follow 6merta online, visit his Instagram @iam6merta or Twitter @6merta

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